MySQL upgrade from WHM or script failed ?

When trying to upgrade MySQL server from WHM or via script,

# /scripts/mysqlup –force,

Do you face the below error message?


-bash-3.00# /scripts/mysqlup –force
Failed to download
Failed to install mysql51.


Reason : In this particular scenario, if you analyze the logs, we can find that there is some issue with the rpm file to be fetched. If you observe the link from which the update is trying to fetch the required rpms we can see that the link actually¬†doesnt point to a valid page. If you manually try to access the above link via a web-browser this results in ‘Not Found’. In the link, you can see a keyword ‘unknown’ in the space allocated for rpm distribution version.

Fix : Change the wrongly specified rpm_dist_version.

Change it from /var/cpanel/sysinfo.config. Change the “rpm_dist_ver” to point
the current centOS version, that is 4 or 5.

Then proceed with upgrading process.

This can be an issue not only during MySQL upgrade, rather when any upgrade relating
with the use of RPM’s is specified. ( eg : Pure-FTPd )