My favorite android applications


From Google
Goggles : Use pictures to search web, just amazing. A visual search application, instead of using words, take a picture and search. Works very well with logo’s. one of my top favorites. More info
Google Goggles

Ringdroid : Easy way to make ring tones from songs we have. More info ringdroid

Picture editor
Picsay : Quick and effective way to add effects to pictures from mobile. More info Picsay

A Online Radio : Excellent way to listen online radio stations aor


Handcent SMS : found it better than the native message application. More info handcent

SMS Backup : useful to backup sms messages to gmail with a separate label android-sms

Sipdroid : SIP/VOIP client, very useful application especially to connect and make calls with your sip provider like action voip. : More info :

Networking and System tools

Connectbot An easy way to establish ssh connection, support ssh key generation and public key authentication.connect bot

NagMonDroid Nice application to connect to your nagios instance and display short summary. I found it very useful to get my server status while i am on road 🙂 More info :nagios page

CIDR calculator Very useful IP subnet calculator. More info : CIDR Androidlib

  • Robinson

    Hi Arun,
    I noticed your entry on Sipdroid and actionvoip. I cannot get it to work, it tries to connect but ends up with the red dot. I used the SIP settings from the action voip site, I guess I must be missing something.

    • I used to have action voip working with Android 1.6 (it doesnt work with 1.5) . The sip settings just uses as server/proxy. If you are using 3G/EDGE, make sure that the sipdroid settings allow you to connect with 3G/EDGE.
      Try with fring as well, it is available for android now.

  • NikhiL Ip

    Mine nexus one android 2.1

    there is no sound clarity wen am using Sipdroid..
    is there any settings change there??

    or plz suggest me some other software supporting action voip.. plzz…
    mail me

  • Muthu

    i use samsung galaxy I5503. can you suggest some dialer for this phone. this runs on android 2.1.

    • What happend to the default dialer?

  • lokan

    am using sony ericsson xperia x10,how can i use action voip in this set, i tried sip but not responding.

    • Can you double check the settings?

      Authorization Username: action_voip_username
      Password: action_voip_password
      SIP port : 5060
      Server or Proxy :
      Domain: leave empty
      Username or calledid: leave empty
      Protocol : UDP

  • Ajmal

    i am using Xperia X10 but the market software is missing

    • From where did you buy the phone? I bought Motorola Milestone from Saudi, which is missing market.

  • Ajmal

    from saudi

  • Ajmal

    i have registered a complaint in the site

    • cool, i heard first that the market is not there because of some customs rules in Saudi / UAE. But when i contacted motorola they said , it is because the motorola phones has a market installed which is from motorola (but it was not installed in the one i have). But the HTC desire sold on Saudi has market preinstalled. So for sure it is not the law, somebody just decided not to include it. Please keep us updated if you get a response.

  • Ajmal

    Hi i am using x10 and i have installed nimbuzz but i can’t access the actionvoip i tried like the following

    Authorization Username: action_voip_username
    Password: action_voip_password
    SIP port : 5060
    Server or Proxy :
    Domain: leave empty
    Username or calledid: leave empty
    Protocol : UDP
    pls note there is no place to put the SIP port and protocol
    pls help me….

    • These settings are for sipdroid, i guess the android nimbuzz doesn’t have the sip protocol option. Try Sipdroid.

  • Ajmal

    there is any suitable video player for x10

  • Ajmal

    i have successfully completed the siproid settings and registered to actionvoip, when i am using siproid its hanging

    • Try to download the old version sipdroid since you have 1.6 Android

  • Mrigank

    I installed sipdroid and it registered fine on my action voip account
    maybe this is a noob question, but why does the call made using sipdroid also register in the call history of my fone. earlier i was using mobilevoip and calls made using that were not registered in the call history

    i checked that it deducted the correct amount from my credits in the action voip account for this call, but i am not sure if this will show up in my phone bill.

    read over the internet that some sip apps actually duped people this way and they found out when they got their monthly bill, so just being cautious.

    • In those cases either use sipdroid with proper data subscription with Mobile provider or configure sipdroid to use only wifi.

  • thomas

    I bought a new HTC Wildfire. I installed actionvoip, but the call button is not appearing.can you please help

  • I didnt try that in wildfire, what sipdroid version are you using

  • Paul Francis

    Hi Arun.

    I want to buy Samsung S5570 or S5830 (sligthly costlier) from Al-Khobar / Saudi. Both are using Android 2.1 I think.

    My main purpose is to use ActionVoip. I use it on a regular basis to call home every day. Can you suggest a softphone which works? I will use Sawa/STC card to obtain Internet (30 riyals 120MB. I don’t know if you call it as 3G or edge).