My favorite android applications


From Google
Goggles : Use pictures to search web, just amazing. A visual search application, instead of using words, take a picture and search. Works very well with logo’s. one of my top favorites. More info
Google Goggles

Ringdroid : Easy way to make ring tones from songs we have. More info ringdroid

Picture editor
Picsay : Quick and effective way to add effects to pictures from mobile. More info Picsay

A Online Radio : Excellent way to listen online radio stations aor


Handcent SMS : found it better than the native message application. More info handcent

SMS Backup : useful to backup sms messages to gmail with a separate label android-sms

Sipdroid : SIP/VOIP client, very useful application especially to connect and make calls with your sip provider like action voip. : More info :

Networking and System tools

Connectbot An easy way to establish ssh connection, support ssh key generation and public key authentication.connect bot

NagMonDroid Nice application to connect to your nagios instance and display short summary. I found it very useful to get my server status while i am on road 🙂 More info :nagios page

CIDR calculator Very useful IP subnet calculator. More info : CIDR Androidlib