Receving email to upgrade WP-scripts ?

An email notifying to update WP-scripts is shown to be directed to the server contact email id.

It would look like this :
Subject: Software Security Notice – Script Installs need upgrading

In order to protect the security of your users’ website, we recommend that you upgrade the following scripts that were installed via the “Scripts Library” in your cPanel interface:

Issue: If the user removed the script by deleting the directory
it was installed into, he probably did not remove the database.

Fix :
# ls /home/*/.cpaddon
# ls /home/*/.cpaddons
# ls -al /home/xxx/.cpaddons
# ls -al /home/xxx/.cpaddons -h
# cat /home/xxx/.cpaddons/cPanel::Blogs::WordPress.0.yaml ((whichever script is mentioned))
# rm -rf /home/xxx/.cpaddons/cPanel::Blogs::WordPress.0.yaml