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It is very often required that you need to commit/update to the svn repository which is only indirectly accessible through a gateway (user can ssh to gateway and gateway can ssh to internal svn server)

Suppose you have a working copy (locally on your machine)  setup with the real svn url (eg : svn+ssh://svn.example.com)

– Make ssh connection with local port forwarding to the gateway server

# sudo ssh gateway.example.com -L 22:svn.example.com:22

Change the repository url to localhost, since the local host connection forward to remote svn server through the gateway.

#cd <local_svn_path>

# svn switch –relocate svn+ssh://svn.example.com/trunk svn+ssh://localhost/trunk

Now you should be able to update, commit, etc to/from your repository.

You can switch it back to the original url when you have direct access to repository.