Got HTC G1 Android working with Airtel Kerala

It was disappointing to just keep watching a phone without even switching it on, It took longer time to get HTC G1 development phone shipped to India.  G1 mandates to login to google account to start using it, and there is no option to turn on wireless or skip this login process. I tried with the BSNL APN details but does not help, the customer support was saying this phone is not supported :).  Anyway with Airtel connection  and manual APN details, managed to get the Internet working .

Name : Airtel (it can be anything, just a name)
Proxy :
Port : 8080
Username : <Not Set>
Password : <Not Set>
Server : <Not Set>
MMSC : <Not Set>
MMS Proxy : <Not Set>
MMS Port : <Not Set>
MCC : 404
MNC : 95
APN Type: <Not Set>


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I tried this on the Google NexusOne. If I change the MNC from the default value of 45 to 95, the APN disappears from the list of APNs (even after save). What am I doing wrong?

And GPRS doesn’t work with the value of 45…

any clues?

MNC (Mobile Network Code) Depends on the provider, Try adding a new default APN, usually it get correct MCC and MNC from the provider network if you are connected. If the codes are not set, try with corresponding provider value from
More likely the proxy configurations are not necessary, unless the provider requires it. So just try with correct APN, MNC, and MCC and if doesn’t work try playing with the proxy and user configurations.

hey!i am on nexus one in delhi.i have vodafone,after reading their settings,i set the APN to portalnmms(as mentioned on their website).it got the MNC and MCC automatically.the edge symbol is visible on top but it does not open webpages.i also dont know which port to set.

my phone is made in u.s.a. google n1..i want to use here in india…so how can i do itin a foriegn made hand set

Doesn’t matter where is it made, so far it support GSM. You can get any provider sim and use it. Configure the correct APN to get the internet.

i am using airtel(kerala).with your settings i was able to use gtalk and gmail applications in my Tmobile G1 but i am unable to browse other will i resolve this problem??please give your suggestions……..

now the problem is solved.i got opera mini from android market.but now another problem,when i insert memory card its not reading…wat cud b the problem???

Looks like the android default browser has some proxy configured, Try the default browser with Wifi and see if it works.

Did you tried formatting the memory card ?

Hey thanks all
Finally I got the data connection working on my Sony Xperia X10 mini pro, on airtel. Actually the main problem was that the Airtel GPRS service itself has to be actiavted which has various rental plans(I got the Rs.98/moth plan activated), after that only the APN setting is required: no proxy, no port!
Surfing thru android market now !! ^^

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