create svn repository and initial check in

To create svn repository login to the svn server:

$ sudo -u svnuser svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs /path/to/repository
* we can use bdb as well as db format

To make all the group members privilege to write access the repository:

$chmod g+w /path/to/repository

and add the user to svn group.

To create initial contents:
either you can check out the repository and create the file structure like:

[local_machine]$ svn co svn+ssh://user@svnhost/path/to/repos localdirectory
[local_machine]$ mkdir -p localdirectory/trunk localdirectory/tags localdirectory/branches
[local_machine]$ cd localdirectory; svn commit -m "initial repository structure"

or you can do the same from the svn server itself using file:///

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