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Configure Apache over IPv6

Once your network interface is configured with IPv6, it is easy to configure the webserver. No real difference with IPv4 configuration.

Configure Apache to listen the IPv6 address:

Listen ipv6_address:port
NameVirtualHost ipv6_address:port

If the apache virtual host is configured with domain name , eg < VirtualHost >, just add AAAA record for in dns and the website will work without any extra configurations other than the previous two lines.

Also we can specifically configure it :

< VirtualHost ipv4_address:80 ipv6_address:80 >

It is possible to have different contents for ipv4 and ipv6 sites, just create two different virtual hosts with different document root one for IPv4 and other for IPv6.

< VirtualHost ipv4_address:80 >
DocumentRoot /home/123/
< /VirtualHost >
< VirtualHost ipv6_address:80 >
DocumentRoot /home/456/
< /VirtualHost >


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