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Browse internet from Mac with android

At last i managed to get browsing working through 3G connection in android (donut 1.6).

– Enable root in android
– install android-wifi-tether (
– configure it either with bluetooth or wireless
– connect your laptop with the android using wireless or bluetooth
– there we go now you should be able to browse internet, if you have netfilter module properly working in wireless tether
– since my kernel doesnt have netfilter module, the natting was not working – I was able to resolve domains from my laptop , but was not able to get the data
– Installed proxoid, and started
– Configured my webbrowser to use proxoid as proxy, it works … charm!!!!



get the root access back on android development phone ADP1

After upgrading ADP1 with 1.6 , the root access has gone.

It can be recovered with adb tool:

do adb to the phone
$adb shell
$mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
$cd /system/bin
$cat sh > su
$chmod 4755 su


Linux MAC OS X

working with “screen”

Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes (typically interactive shells). It is mainly useful to keep the sessions uninterrupted, especially when you run time consuming scripts.

$ screen
open a new session Ctrl+a+c
Scroll between sessions Ctrl+a+a

retain the sessions
$screen -dr


upgrade android to 1.5 cupcake

It was quiet trivial to update the android operating system to 1.5 manually,

The instructions for HTC ADP can be found at :



Tips to avoid spams from spamassassin


[Resolved] Postfix X-Authentication Warning

X-Authentication-Warning can appear on the mail header , when the user sending email is not trusted by the mail server. There is a chance that email are considered as spam because of this.

To fix it you can add the user to /etc/mail/trusted-users

If your system has forms that used to send email as apache user, you can add “apache” user to the trusted-users file.


Working with Android SDK on MAC OS X

– Install Eclipse : (A Java or RCP version of Eclipse is recommended.)
– Download android SDK to a particular location
– Create a .bash_profile under your home directory (if not existing) with :
– Start eclipse and go to Help > Software Updates > Add Site
Enter the url :
and click finish. now you will be able to see the Developer tool listed
– Select and install the Developer tools from the same window.
– Restart eclipse.
– Connect your phone and test running your application.



Got HTC G1 Android working with Airtel Kerala

It was disappointing to just keep watching a phone without even switching it on, It took longer time to get HTC G1 development phone shipped to India.  G1 mandates to login to google account to start using it, and there is no option to turn on wireless or skip this login process. I tried with the BSNL APN details but does not help, the customer support was saying this phone is not supported :).  Anyway with Airtel connection  and manual APN details, managed to get the Internet working .

Name : Airtel (it can be anything, just a name)
Proxy :
Port : 8080
Username : <Not Set>
Password : <Not Set>
Server : <Not Set>
MMSC : <Not Set>
MMS Proxy : <Not Set>
MMS Port : <Not Set>
MCC : 404
MNC : 95
APN Type: <Not Set>