Install CyanogenMod 6 (Android 2.2 Froyo alternative) on HTC Dream (ADP1)

Atlast managed to get the 2.2 flavour on ADP1. (this installation is only applicable for root’d Android developer phone HTC dream)

  • Requirements:

Tools: fastboot

Amon_Ra 1.7.0 ( )
radio image for adp1 ( ( (
DangerSPL (

  • Procedure:

Ref :

– Download and copy all these images to the root of your sdcard except the recovery image

  • Install custom recovery image:

– boot the phone in fastboot mode by pressing camera button while rebooting

– From your machine make sure the device is visible

# ./fastboot-mac devices
HT845Gxxxxx fastboot

– flash the cyanogen recovery image and reboot

# ./fastboot-mac flash recovery recovery-RA-dream-v1.7.0.img
sending ‘recovery’ (4594 KB)… OKAY
writing ‘recovery’… OKAY

# ./fastboot-mac reboot

РOnce the phone is rebooted make sure  you have the 1.7 recovery image

  • Flash the radio image

Now flash the radio once the phone rebooted to recovery RA 1.7.0 by pressing the home button while rebooting
– select install zip from sdcard and choose the radio image , once the installation is done reboot the phone and make sure that you have the 2_22_19_26I base band version

  • Flash danger spl now


boot the phone in recovery mode, and select install zip from sdcard and select install the danger spl image, reboot

This will update the Hboot to 1.33.2005,  this is required to increase the ROM size to hold the cm6 image.

  • flash the cyanogen mode 6 images

Ref :

boot the phone again in recovery mode, select and install the cm 6 image, reboot the phone and make sure that you can boot in to the new cyanogen 6.

  • Install the google addons

The important thing is dont install the full version of google apps on ADP1 just use the MDPI tiny version. otherwise the phone cannot boot properly.


Now clear wipe the cache and reboot the phone, That is it. Now you have ADP1 installed with Cyanogenmod 6, Enjoy..