Got HTC G1 Android working with Airtel Kerala

It was disappointing to just keep watching a phone without even switching it on, It took longer time to get HTC G1 development phone shipped to India.  G1 mandates to login to google account to start using it, and there is no option to turn on wireless or skip this login process. I tried with the BSNL APN details but does not help, the customer support was saying this phone is not supported :).  Anyway with Airtel connection  and manual APN details, managed to get the Internet working .

Name : Airtel (it can be anything, just a name)
Proxy :
Port : 8080
Username : <Not Set>
Password : <Not Set>
Server : <Not Set>
MMSC : <Not Set>
MMS Proxy : <Not Set>
MMS Port : <Not Set>
MCC : 404
MNC : 95
APN Type: <Not Set>