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Root and install google play in Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 (8.1.4)

This is a working procedure to root and install google play Amazon Kindle HD 10″ (8.1.4).

Root Kindle Fire HD,

I followed the procedure described in here

$ ./

Select the option 1) Normal

  • Now your device is root’d, you may verify :

sh-3.2$ ./adb shell
shell@android:/ $ su
shell@android:/ # cd /
shell@android:/ # ls

  • Reboot  and do the installation for google play store

Install google play store 


  •  Open ES File Explorer, go to settings, Root settings , and select Root Explorer, Upto Root, and Mount File system.
  • Download the GoogleServicesFramework.apk Vending.apk and Play.apk and copy to your sdcard.

GoogleServicesFramework.apk –
Vending.apk –
Play.apk –

Please follow the below steps in order to get it working.

– Open ES file explorer, click and install GoogleServicesFramework.apk
– Then move the Vending.apk to /system/app
– Change the permission to 644 (User – Read/Write, Group/Others – Read)
– Now click and install Vending.apk
– You can see android market installed on your kindle, open it and do the google account registration. It is important that you do this step before installing Play.apk
– Once the registration is successful, click and install Play.apk from the sdcard.
– Now you will have a working play store , enjoy:)

Issues faced:

  • While rooting,  I was not able to execute the adb under stuff folder, replace the adb with the one come with Android SDK.
  • I got “google play has stopped” messages while opening google play . To fix it . 1) Make sure that you copied the Vending.apk to the correct path /system/app and the permissions are correct. 2) Do the google account registration before installing Play.apk
Rooted Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10  (8.1.4) with Google apps
Rooted Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 (8.1.4) with Google apps